User journey games

There is a model paradigm called games, not as much fun as board games, but still very engaging. Games model the interaction between several independent actors. A famous example is the Prisoners Dilemma, illustrating how non-optimal outcomes can be the result of the decisions of smart actors.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… or in CJML terms, a touchpoint

Let me tell you a story of a guy named John (He/Him). He had lived in 5 countries trying to figure out the way and meaning of life through his passion for travel. Upon his adventurous quest, it occurred to him that the culture-rich region of Scandinavia might have the answers he is looking for. Little did he know, he has yet to encounter his most challenging journey.

What is a customer journey or (*) journey, and why is it such a powerful concept?

Only 20 years ago, customer journeys were unknown to most people (or associated with travel). Today, the customer journey is on everyone’s agenda, in any business sector, and in private and governmental services. Why has this concept gained so much momentum in recent years when we had e.g., user experience within the (Human-Computer Interaction) HCI field for many decades?