Project Vision

Although digital services are supposed to simplify our lives and increase our efficiency, they often frustrate and burden customers, users, and employees. The Smart Journey Mining (SJM) vision is to increase the quality of services by uniting research on customer journeys and process mining using new developments in logic-based analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Based on user journeys we will analyse, model, and observe how humans experience digital services, rather than taking the perspective of service providers and service systems. The main source of data comes from service providers, but also from simulated user journeys. We will trace data left from users in various systems during repeated interactions with a service over time, on the level of individuals.

SJM will provide researchers and analysts the necessary methods and tools to work across backend systems and detect patterns in vast volumes of user data. This will inform novel guidelines for the successful digitalisation of services. The SJM results will be made available to academia, industry and the public sector, thus supporting improved service quality in our society.